Empowering 3D Virtual Hall for Events
despite COVID-19

International Summits & Forums

Enabling effective exhibitor exposure, cross-border customer connectivity in COVID-19 Pandemic.

Virtual Events Add-on

An outstanding add-on to virtual meeting and broadcasting, with proven ROI on exhibitor exposure.

Fancy 3D Showhall
- enabling 3D Virtual Exhibition Hall for Summits and Events

  • Enabling exhibitors - cost-effective exposure, and prospecting
  • Fast-start - 10 minutes to launch your 3D Virtual Exhibition Hall
  • Flexible Elastici - easily drag-draw to add/reduce exhibitors.
  • Behavior insight - visitors' behavior tracking and analysis report.
  • Traffic amplifier - enabling viral disemination by exhibitors & audience.

Customer reference- China's Cybersecurity Week Online Exhibition Hall for HLJ, SAP Cloud Forum 2019 Virtual Exhibition, Endocrinology Tour Forum Showhall, GITA 2020- 3rd B2B Marketing Summit, and mny more.

Core Features
Core Features

Customer References

Below please find our customer cases and project references, please contact us info@fancy-xr.com for more.

Liaoning Endocrinology Forum Hall

Exhibitors include global brands e.g. AstraZeneca, Abbott, Sanofi, novo nordisk, Lilly, Merck...

Heilongjiang Cybersecutiry Week

Exhibitors includes brands like H3C, China TeleCom, 360, An Tian, An Heng, etc...

Nanjng University Forum Showhall

Endocrinology and Metabolism Forum showhall, with many global pharmatheutical leading brands...

SAP Cloud Forum booth area

SAP Cloud Forum 2019 leveraged our 3D map and 3D virutual show to inspire brand new experience.

Fudan Anti-Cancer Showroom

Initiated by Fudan Zhongshan Hospital Anti-Cancer Center and Shanghai Science Dev. Fund...

3D Expo Map

Provide 3D visual path planning at exhibition centers, cross-floor, cross buildings...

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